Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain
Air Humidifier with Wood Grain


Air Humidifier with Wood Grain

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Indoor air can be pretty finicky. Either it's too humid or too dry, too cold or too hot. Particularly during the colder months, when people try to keep warm at home and often have o deal with dry air caused by low humidity levels. This causes an array of problems, ranging from irritated sinuses, nose bleed to cracked lips. Fortunately, a humidifier is an affordable solution to add moisture to any indoor environment.
Getting a humidifier may help you avoid getting sick, but it can also give you softer, more glowing skin, and even help preserve your real wooden furniture.
This humidifier uses ultrasonic waves technology to produce a cool mist with a special and unique fragrance that functions as a natural energy booster that will call upon your senses and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Not only it's easy to use and control, but its also BPA- free and is perfect for every room. Plus you don't have to keep an eye on the water level as it consists of an auto-off safety system, which activates when the water runs out, so you never have to worry!

Faster Healing Time:
Say you do end up with a cold, a sinus infection, or flu. This humidifier will keep your throat and nasal passage moisturized helping you heal faster and will reduce symptoms like coughing and sneezing.
No growling morning voice:
Do you sound like a bear in the mornings? That's dry air getting to your vocal cords. Sound more like your normal self with this humidifier in your bedroom!

Fewer Electric Shocks:
No one likes static electric shock-especially, not the cat! But you may have noticed that in the winter, it's harder to avoid it. That's the dry air again. Use this humidifier and leave the lightning outside.
Improves sleep.
Reduced Heating Bills:
Did you know that moist air feels warmer than the dry air? it's true. If you add some moisture to the air, it will feel warmer, which help save on your heating bills this winter.

This aromatherapy Diffuser is characterized by its modern and remarkably distinctive wood grain, Which is very similar to a beautiful flower-vase.
It has seven color LED lights that you can change easily and adjust to fit your mood.

How to use:
For a cozy and calm ambiance, choose the right timer setting.
Add a few drops of your favorite pure essential oil to this versatile diffuser to fill your space with a lovely fragrance.

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Customer Reviews

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The order came very fast, so far it goes perfect. Thank you.


Original Box arrives to my house very bad!! It lacks more protection and care in the shipping!!


Its very good, odlican apart.


Super, good beam vapor there comes out, works well! Makes called and high squeak if he not to state. If he is on makes it a soft geluidje, type of gepruttel, last is not bothersome


Surprisingly, the device came intact and safe (the box is all crumpled, and the remote control and power supply just lay in it not packed). The seller needs to worry about improving the packaging, i think someone is lucky less than me. In general, the device really liked, everything works and corresponds to the description.